My apologetic channel

My apologetic channel

This is my channel where I do most of my work. Check it out to see some great videos.


4 thoughts on “My apologetic channel

  1. Good day,
    My name is Jerry Meadows. I am from Arkansas and I am writing a new book on my response to “The One New Man” doctrine. I copied much of your video

    as a truthful response to what actually happened at the Council of Nicaea. I need your permission to place this within my book. I must say it was the most enlightening video I have ever watched concerning the Council of Nicaea. The followers of the “One New Man’ philosophy accuse both the Councils of Elvira and Nicaea of “removing the Jewishness of the Christian faith” from the church. If you have any additional info on the COuncil of Elvira as it is associated with the Jewishness of the church I would appreciate it very much. Your attention to this is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your investigation,

    Jerry Meadows

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